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How to Do the Diet

Getting started on the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ plan is easy... and unlike many other diets, long-term adherence is easy, too! The diet is ideal for individuals who are trying to lose weight, but it is appropriate for anyone who is looking to improve their health and prevent premature aging. Dr. James Johnson developed the diet based on studies showing that alternate-day calorie restriction decreases the risk of disease and prolongs life in virtually all organisms tested. Resveratrol is also believed to promote similar effects.

Getting Started – The UpDayDownDay Diet™ Plan

There are a few things you can do before you begin the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ to help keep track of your progress and goals:

  1. Begin keeping a journal so that you will be better able to measure your success. Include how much you weigh before you start the diet.
  2. You may also want to have your fasting cholesterol, insulin, and glucose levels checked prior to starting the diet so that you can monitor your improvement in these areas.
  3. The Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ has helped individuals greatly reduce the severity of asthma, allergies, arthritis, and other conditions. By listing any symptoms that you have prior to starting the diet and then tracking their improvement, you will receive extra motivation and encouragement to stay on track.

Up Days and Down Days

The Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ is more than just a diet. It is a lifestyle…a way to eat for the rest of your life…a way to promote optimal health and nutrition. The plan is straightforward and simple to follow: every other day you will limit your calories (Down Days), and on alternate days you will be free to eat what you would like (Up Days). After a two-week induction phase, the amount of restriction necessary on Down Days will depend upon your goals.

Induction Phase

The two-week induction phase is the most restrictive part of the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ but is necessary to activate the body's genetic response to alternate-day calorie restriction. To begin experiencing the many benefits from "turning on" your SIRT1 gene, it is important to limit yourself to no more than 500 calories on Down Days during this period. Prepackaged diet shakes and bars from Slim Fast®, Atkins®, and other companies can help make sure that you don't go above 500 calories on Down Days during these two weeks.

On Up Days you will be free to eat as much as you would like (without intentionally overeating) as well as the kind of food that you would like. It's important to enjoy Up Days in order to avoid the diet fatigue that often sets in when following other weight loss plans.

Although Down Days in the induction phase may sound challenging, remember that a Down Day is immediately followed by an Up Day. You will never have to restrict your calories for more than one day at a time. You will be able to eat whatever and however much you would like the very next day.

Long-term Maintenance

Because the SIRT1 gene is turned on so rapidly and its effects manifest themselves so quickly, the induction phase of the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ lasts for only two weeks. After that, you are free to eat regular food on Down Days. Also, depending on your weight loss goals, you will be able to eat larger amounts. While it is still perfectly acceptable for you to continue eating 500 calories, or 20 percent of your regular calorie intake, on Down Days after the induction phase, many individuals find that eating up to 35 percent is easier to maintain over the long term.

When you have lost the amount of weight that you desire, you can maintain your weight by eating up to 50 to 60 percent of your normal calorie allowance on Down Days.  In The Alternate-Day Diet, Dr. Johnson provides over 50 healthy recipes that will help you stay on track during the Down Days. Use the calorie calculator below to help you figure out what your regular and Down Day calorie intake should be, depending on your goals and activity level.

Calorie Calculator


On Up Days during the long-term maintenance phase, you will still be allowed to eat the foods that you would like to. Because the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ removes so much of the worry and stress that can often accompany dieting, many people are able to continue following this method of alternate-day calorie restriction indefinitely. As a result, they continue to enjoy the many benefits of the diet, including weight loss and maintenance, improved metabolism, and a decreased risk of inflammatory disease.

To Help Ensure Your Success…

  1. Remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.
  2. Exercise regularly, particularly on Up Days.
  3. To avoid frustration from weight fluctuations, weigh yourself only once a week, on the morning after a Down Day.

Learn More about the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™

Enjoy the many health benefits of alternate-day dieting by starting the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ plan today. For more information on this revolutionary approach to weight loss and maintenance, purchase The Alternate-Day Diet.

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