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The Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ – Alternate Day Calorie Restriction

If you are trying to lose weight or are struggling to maintain a healthy weight, you are not alone. The Washington Post reported in 2007 that one out of every three American adults is trying to lose weight, and statistics from the National Institutes of Health show that most dieters who do lose weight will regain almost all of it within five years. To help individuals avoid this trend, Dr. James Johnson has developed a diet based on the science and psychology behind alternate-day calorie restriction. The Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ can help you lose weight and keep it off.

The Difficulties with Traditional Dieting 

Although many Americans are making an effort to shed the pounds, over 72 million people in this country are still obese, according to figures released in 2007 by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. The current food environment, in which establishments like McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts are seemingly found on every street corner, can conspire with our own DNA to sabotage even the best of dietary intentions. We need a plan to combat the genetic instinct to consume as many calories as possible in an environment where tasty food is cheap and plentiful. We need a plan that takes human nature into account but still provides a clear strategy for weight loss success.

Based on extensive research on calorie restriction and alternate-day calorie restriction, the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ is designed to be the practical and effective answer to dieting that many have been searching for. Many other diets fail for one main reason: they're not designed for the long haul. No matter which diet you try, you will usually experience some initial success. However, as diet fatigue sets in and you grow tired of constantly limiting portions and going without certain foods, it becomes very easy to backslide and stop adhering to the guidelines set forth by that particular plan. The Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ addresses this fundamental flaw of other diets by allowing you to eat whatever you would like to every other day.

How the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ Is Different

On the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™, you'll only have to diet for one day at a time. Many people are able to restrict their calories on alternate days if they know that they will be able to eat the type and amount of food that they would like to the very next day. The Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ therefore becomes a realistic, long-term, feasible solution for many people who felt deprived or burnt out on other diets and therefore were not able to follow them over the long term. Because the alternate-day calorie restriction lifestyle becomes so easy to practice indefinitely, once weight is lost on the UpDayDownDay Diet™, it is unlikely to be regained.

Another reason people may not stick with other diets is that, in addition to feeling deprived every day, they may not notice the results they expect to achieve. However, after being on the Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ for only two to three weeks, many individuals report that that they not only look better, but they feel better and have more energy as well. They have extra motivation to continue on the UpDayDownDay Diet™ because they notice a clear difference in their health. Their accomplishments and success reinforce their efforts and motivate them to continue restricting their calories on alternate days.

Learn More about The Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™

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Up Days – Enjoy Up Days without guilt or worry that you're eating the wrong things

Down Days – Because you will have fewer options on Down Days, you'll have less stress and worries about food choices on these days

Benefits – Weight loss is only the beginning

Science Behind the Diet – Learn about calorie restriction and the new evidence in support of alternate-day calorie restriction

Why the Diet Works – All about SIRT1, or the "rescue gene"

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If you are tired of losing weight and then quickly gaining it back, The Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet™ is the answer to long-term weight control. For complete information on Dr. Johnson's approach to alternate-day calorie restriction, purchase The Alternate-Day Diet today.

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